Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is an interesting subject; currently I am very tempted to tell customers that we haven’t ‘upgraded to it yet’ and are still in the Web 1.0 world when confronted with pointless requests for Wikis or Blogs. I don’t, not just because I would be talking rubbish, but mainly because I am more concerned with establishing their communications requirement and matching this with the correct area of the communications mix.

Technology used in the right way is what we should be striving for, not a ‘killer-app’ for the sake of it.

Jacob Nielsen’s recent critique of Web 2.0 (BBC Technology News – Web 2.0 ‘neglecting good design’) triggered industry wide debate, I don’t agree with all he says but he has obviously struck a chord.

This Dilbert cartoon (from Dilbert.com) says it all!

Stats hack

How many times do you hear the requirement to increase the number of hits by x%. Frequently statistics are used as the best measure of a successful website and it is assumed that the more hits the better. We can bend and twist stats to say almost anything we want.

I do not deny that statistics should be used; but only as part of a multi-pronged assessment. We must use both qualitative and quantitative measurements. Quantitatives give us the graphs and charts that all managers love, where-as qualitative assessments give us the meat with which we can build a truly successful site.

Use statistics to show which areas of the site are actually being visited but assess user opinion to establish which areas of the site they are going to re-visit.