Do what they do not what they say

Comments and feedback from users are good but it is often more valuable to watch what a user does.

Recently I observed a user test in which a user had been given a specific user goal to complete; after clicking into an area of the site and successfully completing the goal (and proclaiming so) they promptly said:

“I wouldn’t have clicked into this area to find this information.”

Shock horror, do we now dismiss the successful completion of the user goal as invalid? No, the fact is on this specific occasion the user did click into the area and even was satisfied they had found the content, this obviously counts for something. I would even go as far as saying what a user does counts for more than what they say.

Grand Bazaar

This photo was taken, not in my wife’s handbag closet as you may have thought, but from a stall in the amazing grand bazaar market in Istanbul, Turkey.

Grand Bazaar Market - Picture of a bag stall
From Picassa

Obviously my wife was very impressed with what she saw so took the photo, looks like something out of a travel guide don’t you think?