I may be a geek….

…but that doesn’t mean I know everything about things with wires.

I was reading this comic from theOatmeal.com which illustrate really well what happens when people find out you work with computers.

It also shows peoples un-willingness to learn, for some reason, people have a mental-block to getting to grips with the tool that (i would estimate) over 50% of us now use on a daily basis at work. In 2005/2006 65 per cent of UK households owned a home computer [1], this must be well over 70% now. Why are all but the few (who are derided as ‘geeks’) willing to get to grips with using computers?

Is it to do with their usability or how complicated they are perceived to be? How many of the endless number of features do you use in Word or Excel for example?

I have often suggested Microsoft creates a Word light, containing only the basic features and formatting options, in particular it could do away with the fonts option and ‘force’ people to use styles.

Anyway, it is nearly Christmas so I’ll stop my moaning and wish you all a happy New Year. God Bless. Here’s an image to get you in the christmas spirit:

[1] National Statistics News Release 18 January 2007: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/pdfdir/efs0107.pdf [PDF document, 130KB]